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The information provided on this website is designed to be a helpful guide to educate customers about the HCG Diet Plan. It is intended only to assist customers in their personal weight loss efforts and should not be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, evaluation or treatment.

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Information offered on this site regarding the diet plan is based on the diet proposed by Dr. Simeons. Losing up to 0.5 to 1kg per day is a result that many experience, but is not a personal guarantee.

Any information on this site, labels, printed and digital information is not intended to replace professional advice from your doctor or similar.



We are very confident that providing you adhere to the strict and definitive program as outlined in the HCG User Guide and Customer Support Website, in conjunction with our dietary supplement, you should experience a satisfactory outcome.

Whilst we cannot monitor or control as to how you go about the program, and the diligence you may or may not apply, we are prepared to trust that you will make your best effort. If you are unsure whether you are following the correct steps, feel free to contact us. Maybe there is something we can suggest that might assist and facilitate your desired success. Maybe you are not drinking the allotted water that the HCG Diet ascribes to? Maybe you are drinking soft drinks? Unintentionally adding oils or fats to your diet/skin care? Check labels and refer to the user guide and Customer Support Website for information on what to look for. Maybe you are eating outside of the HCG food list provided? Maybe you are eating more than one vegetable at a time?

We sincerely want you to succeed with your goal. We have a no refund policy but we will be happy to discuss the circumstances with you and then our supplier if this is warranted and if approved a refund will be given less the $16.00 for postage and handling on the safe receipt of the returned package.




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