HCG Faq’s

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Dietary Questions

  • What can I substitute for sugar?

    Stevia is a great substitute and for some variety go to: www.naturallysweet.com.au

  • What if I miss a meal?

    It is important to always try and eat the 500 calories especially the protein so you do not lose any muscle mass

  • What if I experience food cravings?

    Food cravings particularly sugar will pass in a few days.  Stevia is a great substitute for sugar

  • Can I eat frozen foods?

    It is preferable to eat organic or fresh fruit and vegetables

  • The program is so low in calories, won’t I get hungry?

    You may feel mild hunger from time to time mostly at the beginning of the program.  The drops or capsules promote the mobilisation of fat into fuel for the body which keeps blood sugar stable throughout the day.  If within the first few days of commencing the Hcg Program you may experience hunger as your body adjusts to the lower calorie intake. You can take an extra dose of the drops/capsule or eat one piece of fruit 30 minutes before the usual time.

  • Can I do the program if I am vegetarian or vegan?

    You can do the program, but it may take longer to achieve your goal.  I have found that some vegetarians find this program challenging

  • Can I continue with my supplements?

    Do not take any oil based supplements and check to ensure that there are no oil, sugar or starch in the ingredients.  For liver support and any detox symptoms that you may experience we recommend taking our Detox Supreme product that supplies all the essentials nutrients and more to support your body during the program

  • Should I continue with my pharmaceutical medications while I am on the dietary system?

    Only your Doctor can make any adjustments to your medication and you should be closely supervised by your Doctor if you are taking any medication in case it needs adjusting as you lose weight

  • Does the program affect cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure levels?

    Cholesterol and blood sugar levels will fluctuate and many clients have experienced lower readings during the program

  • Why do I feel weak, light-headed or headachy?

    This often happens in the first 5 days of the 500 calorie per day diet. Many people find that they are tired and weak, especially if you are very active or have a physically demanding job. This is not unexpected, as your body cannot process your fat fast enough to keep up with daily activity

Health Questions

  • I have such dry skin, what can I do?

    If your skin becomes excessively dry, small amounts of organic coconut oil may improve the condition.  Be mindful that any oil will impact on the rate of your weight loss. Coconut oil is thermogenic and has the ability to burn fat, use sparingly

  • Will the drops or capsules interfere with any medications I am currently taking?

    There are no contraindications with commonly prescribed medications for chronic medical conditions

  • If I am menstruating when should I start the program?

    Start the first day that your menstrual cycle finishes

Program Questions

  • When I get to the maintenance phase can I go back to my regular diet?

    Your regular diet and lifestyle got you to this place.  The program is designed to maintain weight loss over the longer term and adjust addictive patterns. Most people on completion of the program change their eating and lifestyle patterns to maintain their new weight

  • Is it safe for men to go on the program?

    Yes, men often lose weight faster than women and get even better results.  When husband and wives do the program together, the man always loses more than the woman

  • When I get to the 23 days can I continue to the 42 days?

    Yes many people who begin the 23 days understand the program and see the great results so they just continue on till the 42 days

  • How long should I wait to do the program again?

    Between round 1 and 2 you must wait 6 weeks after finishing the program, between round 2 and 3 you must wait at least 8 weeks from when you finished the program

  • Can I exercise during the program?

    Exercise is not necessary for the program to work.  Of course exercise is beneficial for overall health, so consider a 30 minute walk every day to assist with circulation and weight loss. If you have been exercising regularly, continue to do so but ease up a little

  • Can I mix my meals up during the day?

    Yes as long as you ensure that you have your two protein meals in that day

  • My weight loss has stalled because I was cheating?

    Remember the foods in the diet were scientifically tested and proven to achieve fat loss.  This diet is strict but easy just wait a few days and fat burning will begin again

  • Wouldn’t I lose the same amount of weight eating such a low calorie diet without the drops or capsules?

    The body, in its inherent wisdom to stave off starvation, will react several ways when calories are restricted:

    1.    The body will store fat (to be used as life-saving source of energy), at the expense of muscles and bones (which leads to muscle wasting and decreased bone density).
    2.    The metabolism will slow down – which stimulates weight gain the minute the diet is over

  • How much weight can I expect to lose?

    Weight loss varies from 250gm – 1kg per day. Average weight loss 300 – 550 gm per day.  Average weight loss In 3 weeks can be up to 7kg, and in 6 weeks up to 15kg, larger frame up to 20kg

  • Can I drink alcohol whilst on the program?

    No.  Most people who have had alcohol prior to commencing the diet say that they don’t even feel the need to drink

  • Can I wear makeup?

    No lotions, moisturizers or liquid make-ups with oil, this could slow down the weight loss process down.  Massages cannot be done with any oil. You can use any mineral makeup or pressed powders and of course oil free foundations are fine. Other types of eye makeup and lipstick are fine.  If your skin or lips become dry you can purchase oil free lotions or use small amounts of coconut oil

  • Can I do the program if I am pregnant and after I have the baby?

    No this diet is not suitable whilst pregnant and only suitable after the birth if you are not breastfeeding