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HCG Testimonials

“I lost 13.7 Kilos in 21 days!”

“Just prior to visiting our Naturopath, my husband had decided that he would have to get a whole new wardrobe as nothing fitted anymore.With “just another diet” running through our heads, after seeing her, we ventured into the world of the HCG programme. “Now or never”, said my husband when he decided we were to begin the programme on the 29th November. He did 21 days and lost 13.7 kilograms and I did 42 days and lost 10.6 kilograms. It was a testing time, as we were moving into the festivities leading up to Christmas. Three birthdays, club functions, work do’s and Christmas. Not easy! We not only felt better but we started to look better. He lost all of his visceral fat and proudly showed off his almost flat tummy to everyone. My weight was a lot slower coming off and although I didn’t feel I had gotten very far, the fit of my clothing was quite markedly different. I felt better within myself. Our family saw a big change in both of us. We both felt that we had turned a corner and looked hard at our previous ways of eating, changing for the better into a more wholesome style and promoting good health, not only for us but for our family as well.

Thanks Shelly, and thank you Dr Simeon for your discovery of HCG.”

Ted & Donna Meeuwsen

“After 8 months I am still 25 kilos Lighter”

After reaching my heaviest weight last year, and feeling uncomfortable and sluggish, I decided to take up an appointment, suggested by a colleague, to see Shelly Thomas. I had been a bit of a yo-yo dieter and really wanted once and for all to shed these kilos.

I researched the HCG diet before I saw Shelly, a little skeptical of the promised weight loss in a short time and so came ‘armed’ with a little information.

From the first, Shelly came across as a confident and professional practitioner. She was thorough when asking about my state of health and the concept of the dieting program she was promoting.

She was so sure it would work for me – there was no doubt there at all and I was finally ready to take the leap. I haven’t looked back ! Eight months and 25 kilos later, Shelly and I are still in contact and I have thoroughly reaped the benefits of the HCG program, the maintenance and follow up checks with Shelly. I have called for support over that time and she has always been just a phone call away. I have found the program easy to stick to and I have managed the diet over busy social periods.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

I’m feeling and looking great!!!!!!


” I lost 17 Kilos and 1 year later I am still maintaining my weight loss!”

When I got on the scale and I saw it roll over 100kg and stopped at 106kg, I cringed inside and knew something had to be done. For years I have lost weight (yo-yo) and picked that up plus some more, so I was not looking forward to this, but set myself a target of loosing 1kg per week. I cut out milk, sugar, all breads and ate 6 small meals a day. I made sure I ate a protein with every meal as well as a green vegetable. I also took up walking and drank the dreaded 2l of water per day. Everything was ok except the water, but I pushed through. Some weeks I lost up to 2kg and some none, but over time it was averaging 1kg per week. Months later I was 85kg and that is where I stayed. I wanted more out of life and went to Shelly for advice. Shelly told me of a product that I should try that has real results. I did try it, and HCG changed everything. My health is better, my weight range is normal at 68kg and I found the program easy as I was not hungry on it. A year on and I’m still 68kg and enjoying life to the fullest.

Dee Venter

“14 kilos lost in 42 days!”

Dear Shelly,

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the HCG program you conducted. I was absolutely thrilled with my weight loss of 10 kgs over the 42 day program and your professional expertise in conducting the program. I went for a further 3 week program and lost another 4 kgs. The program was simple and your advice and overseeing each week made it a simple course to follow. The recipes you suggested were absolutely delicious and made dieting a whole new experience. Thank you again for your wonderful help and thank you for my weight loss.

Wendy Sheely

” I lost 11.3 kilos on the HCG Program!”

Just wanted to say thank you Shelly for recommending the HCG Weight Loss Plan and drops.  The first time I did the plan I lost 11.3 kgs. and in that time we went away with friends for a couple of weeks that was harder being out of routine but it was just boring to watch other people eat but I was not hungry.  Other than my weight loss the exciting thing was that my biomarker index reduced 19 years.  I have kept 99% of that weight off and at the moment I am doing the program again as I want to get to my goal weight I have 6kgs to lose.

Thank you


” I would recommend the HCG Diet – it works!”

I am aged 46, and had lived a very active life. However once I reached the age of 40 I found that I was unable to exercise at the level previously due to family and life commitments. I was aware of “the middle-age spread” thinking it was a myth until it happened to me !

I was fortunate that my Mum put me onto the HCG diet. I was ready to do something to shift the extra weight especially around my tummy. I liked the simplicity of the diet, and the spray insured that I had no cravings. I knew exactly what to eat and when, it was easier than I thought. After about 2 weeks I was surprised how many positive comments I got from friends and work colleagues, this helped to follow the diet to the end.

I was feeling great and it was not until I put my jeans on and my belt moved back three notches easily ! that I realised that the hard work was worth it…..The HCG diet worked because my whole metabolism needed a shakeup and to rid my body of all the toxins especially sugar that had crept into my diet.

I would recommend the HCG diet – it works.

Ruth O

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